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Installing Tile

One step in your bathroom tile installation process is to install tile on your bathroom shower or tub walls. Phoenix Home Services can also create custom built soap or shampoo boxes within the wall of your shower. After the shower and tub areas are tiled the floor will then be installed. We will not cut corners on the type of thin set mastic used to install your new bathroom floor. Thin set mastic is a type of tile adhesive that is based on Portland cement. Your bathroom floor can be installed at 90 deg angle or on a 45 deg angle depending on your personal taste.

bathroom tile

When all flooring and wall tile has been installed and set in your bathroom the grouting process will begin. When grouting tile in a bathroom joints less than 1/4" of an inch should be grouted with non sanded grout, any joint larger than 1/4" requires the use of sanded grout. Many of the Phoenix Home Services bathroom installations have natural stone such as Travertine Marble & Limestone. Travertine Marble comes in many forms such as Tumbled Travertine Tile that is used in many bathroom installations. Tumbled Travertine Tile must be grouted to seal the pores and joints. After your bathroom tile project is complete the grout needs to be sealed, sealing your grout or stone tile is very important to prevent permanent stains. After all tile work is complete, Phoenix will return to your bathroom remolding project and install your medicine cabinet, vanity cabinets, door, window and any other trim.

If you want to remodel a bathroom, then one of the most difficult things about it is in choosing bathroom tile designs. A towel or mat can easily be changed, but tiling is permanent. We've got some bathroom tile design tips that can lessen the burden of choosing the right one, or combination to install.

Some materials, like natural stone are inappropriate for the high moisture environment of bathrooms. Most people opt for glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles because of their durability and installation ease.

Where We Install Bathroom Tile